Parsegon x Version Control x new UI

Backing up your work is always a good idea, but is often a hassle. For instance, I once deleted my note, typed some things so it auto-saved the wiped copy, then accidentally closed the tab, and boom - work gone! After desperate caching attempts flipping back and forth, I retained some of it but not all. That was a Parsegon experience that no one deserved, so we built in version control.


With version control, Parsegon automatically saves your work's versions every 5 minutes. This means, worst case scenario - if you ever mess up and overwrite a file, you will lose a maximum of 5 minutes of work. Easily revert to past versions of your work via the window itself.

This brings me to introduce the new user interface for notes! Instead of the small black box on the right, Parsegon now comes with a fully equipped side panel you can toggle on and off display. Save your work, print your work, or dump your work - but also rename your note by the keystroke and checkout past versions. Close and open the side panel from the menu button next to the + icon.

On a less serious note, we have a new blank screen when you create a new note prompting you to get started!